Vinyl Tapes for Moldings (Orange & Clear)

GGG retention tapes were designed specifically for the auto glass professional and are available with or without the "remove tape in 24 hours" imprint. We offer 3" or 6" perforations for easy tear or unperforated rolls for longer strips. GGG orange and clear translucent tapes leave no residue and are water repellent.

  • Sold in 3" Perforated, 6" Perforated or Unperforated Rolls
  • Leaves No Residue
  • Water Resistant
  • Sold by the Box
  • Guaranteed Not to Pull Paint Off Car*
Vinyl Tapes for Moldings

Blue Masking Tape

GGG blue masking tapes are UV resistant and a staple for today’s busy auto glass professional. Each roll is individually wrapped for protection.

  • GGG UV Resistant Tape Leaves No Residue
  • Versatile – Can be Used for Both Flat Glass & Auto Glass Jobs
  • Sold by the Box
Blue Masking
 Blue Masking Tape

GGG Tip Tape

GGG Tip Tape was specifically designed to cover the corners of glass for protection during transport and storage.

  • Private Labeling Available
  • No Paint Delamination Guarantee
GGG Tip Tape
GGG Tip Tape

GGG Top Gun Tape Dispenser

Every glass technician has experienced the fight with the roll of molding tape. If the tape is not perforated, it stretches when you try to tear it. Perforated or not, often the end of the tape clings to the roll making it difficult to find. With our GTD TOP GUN molding retention tape dispenser you no longer have to waste time struggling with tape rolls. To use: simply place the three vacuum cups on any non-porous* surface.

  • Will Not Scratch the Paint*
  • Compatible with Tape up to 2" Wide
  • Internal Roll Diameter Must be 3" to Fit
  • Tape Sold Separately

To Use:

  1. Pull out the length of tape you need.
  2. Pull up and back at the point of the tape you wish to cut.
  3. The serrated blade slices it off keeping the end of the tape from clinging to the roll & leaving a 2" length of tape exposed for the next use.
GGG Top Gun Tape Dispenser

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