GGG offers OEM quality weatherstrips for many DYI classic car and truck applications. We manufacture a full range of parts including hood to cowl seals, door weatherstrips, roof rail seals, windshield and backglass gaskets, trunks seals, door jamb seals and much more. GGG can produce custom tooling, parts made to order, as well as packaging tailored to your needs (individual or bulk).

GGG Heat and Sound Insulation is an absolute must have for any restoration project. We offer a superior product made from closed cell nitrile rubber elastomeric foam available with reinforced aluminum foil lamination. This product is durable, has low thermal conductivity to keep the vehicle cool, and best of all, it absorbs unwanted sound to keep your ride nice and quiet. Combined with our exclusive self-adhesive backing, GGG insulation is very easy to apply. The material is available in rolls, with thicknesses measuring 3mm to 32mm.

GGG Universal Weatherstrips are a durable, inexpensive solution for your fixed window installation needs. GGG’s self-sealing weatherstrips are easy to install and lock glass securely, while providing an effective seal against the elements. They are so flexible and versatile that they’re used in a variety of fixed window applications such as – garage door windows, RV windows, interrogation room windows, and heavy farming equipment.