At GGG, We Follow The 3 Pillars Of Sustainability:


1. Environmental

  • Focus on Reducing Carbon Footprint
  • Review & Improve Packaging Waste, Water Usage, & energy
  • Cardboard Recycling Program
  • Review Packing Procedures Optimize Container & Truck Loading
  • Use of Light Sensors in Less Trafficked Areas
  • Convert to All LED Energy Saving Lighting Throughout Warehouse & Offices
  • Recycle Office Supplies Toners, Computers, Plastic, etc.

2. Social

  • Comply with Local & National Labor Laws
  • Provide Fair Wages
  • Maintain Respectful Work Environment
  • Monitor & Maintain Safe Work Environment
  • Provide Employees Access to promotions
  • Follow Guidelines of GGG Handbook Outlying Policies & Practices Including Anti-harassment & Nondiscriminatory Conduct
  • Continuous Improvement of Working Conditions for Employees
  • Provide Direct Access for Employees to Lodge Investigations, Complaints or Concerns to Management without any retaliation

3. Economic

  • Obtain ISO and CTPAT Status to Improve the Flow of Goods While Maintaining Import Standards
  • Monthly Supplier Review to Improve Areas of Business
  • Risk Management & Disaster Planning to Ensure Longstanding Success